College Field Guide

This easy-to-follow guide is broken into sections:  SchoolProfiles (Oregon Colleges A-Z) and Occupations. The School Profiles section provides information on the school’s general profile as well as the health care career-related programs it provides.  Under each program, you’ll see a brief description of the program and whether there’s a certification or license requirement, as well as the type of degree available. In addition, each of these program sections gives recent statistics on the particular occupational need in that area.

The Occupations section covers health care career-related occupations.  Each occupation is described by its worksetting, the aptitudes and skills needed to be successful, hiring practices, education needed, typical program admission and course work for that program.  In addition, each occupation section has the schools listed which offer that program as well as the type of degree the occupation requires.

Further, we have provided School contact information and Quick Reference charts to assist you.

2014 Field Guide Pages 1-5 (Introduction and Table of Contents)

2014 Field Guide Pages 6-24 (Colleges A-L)

2014 Field Guide Pages 25-54 (Colleges M-Z)

2014 Field Guide Pages 55-59 Planning Your Career in Health Care

2014 Field Guide Pages 60-69 (Occupations A-D)

2014 Field Guide Pages 70-95 (Occupations E-L)

2014 Field Guide Pages 96-115 (Occupations M-N)

2014 Field guide Pages 116-139 (Occupations N-Q)

2014 Field Guide Pages 140-161 (Occupations P)

2014 Field Guide Pages 162-182 (Occupations R-Z)

2014 Field Guide School Contact Info & Quick References