SIM Alliance

The mission of the Cascades East Simulation Alliance is to work in partnership in our region to provide convenient access to up-to-date, quality, and applicable training for the thousands of healthcare providers in this region. We will achieve this by training and supporting a cadre of instructors and our coalition alliance throughout the region. This regional group of instructors seeks to create a network to share simulation training lesson plans to support staff development and enhance quality initiatives that improve patient care throughout the continuum.  

Defining the Current State and AHEC Role in Moving Forward:
Uses for simulation in training and education remain a vast horizon which has only begun to be tapped in our region.  In 2009, Cascades East AHEC began hosting Simulation Trainer classes,  and now the regional alliance of instructors are prepared to focus efforts on working together to enhance the use of simulation in training and education to improve patient care.  The AHEC role is primarily to facilitate the development of an active regional coalition, provide training to extend the network of instructors, and work with instructors to facilitate building and sharing of training scenarios to address identified priority areas (to be defined by the coalition).   Development of a regional plan and regional network to enhance the use of simulation equipment in undergraduate, graduate, and healthcare employee education and continuing education will be the main focus of work by AHEC staff.  We seek to build capacity for simulation within our partners, agencies, and communities that will make training available and as local to the target population as possible.  Instructors have come together to build scenarios for STEMI, Cardiovascular Accident, Maternal Crisis, Respiratory Depression and other medical conditions.  The goal of scenarios is to build opportunities to train staff in hands-on team continuing education to impact quality and patient care outcomes.

AHEC simulation equipment is available to check out and use by qualified instructors – those who have been through simulation training.   To add your name to list to be contacted regarding future Simulation Instructor Training classes please email Patsy Dryden at