Diagnosis Day is a one-day experience on the St. Charles, Bend campus. This program is for high school students from rural Central Oregon with an interest in health care careers. Student participants will follow a “patient” from incident- to ambulance- to emergency room- throughout the entire hospital experience, including rehab, recovery and release. Along the way, students will be exposed to many of the various health care careers that impact that patient, as well as receive a hands-on experience with an advanced simulation manikin.

The scenario for the “patient” presents an incident with which the students can identify. The current scenario involves traumatic injuries received in a bike accident where a helmet was not worn and traumatic injuries from a car accident caused by distracted driving.

To register for Diagnosis Day, follow these three steps:

STEP ONE:  Complete the Diagnosis Day student registration form (link below).  If you have questions, please click here.

Diagnosis Day Student Registration (External site)

STEP TWO: Print the permission form below and have a parent or guardian sign it.  The permission form is to be brought with you to the event, along with the completed assignment in Step 3.

Diagnosis Day acknowledgments and permission (PDF)

STEP THREE: Your final step before attending Diagnosis Day is to review the two documents below and to answer the questions.  Print out these pages, follow the instructions and bring them with you to Diagnosis Day.

About Trauma (for Students) (PDF)
Scenarios for Diagnosis Day (PDF)

If you are a high school teacher, counselor or administrator in the CEAHEC region and wish to bring a group of students to Diagnosis Day, please click here.