Cascades East AHEC hosts the health occupations program at St. Charles Health System (SCHS) for high school students. Students wanting to explore careers at St. Charles Health System must complete all orientation requirements in order to meet hospital, state, and national standards.

Students must be participating in their schools' health occupations or biomedical foundations classes, CTE class or in a school-to-work program. Schools must have affiliation agreements with SCHS in place prior to students participating in job shadowing opportunities.

Students are required to complete an application, pass a background check, pass a TB test, complete a series of training units, and attend an orientation to become acquainted with the hospital health system and expectations for job shadowing. The training units will be covered in participating high school health occupation classes or through the high school school-to-work program. Each semester we offer a MANDATORY 2.5 to 3 hour, onsite orientation at the hospital. Students receive rotation schedules and are required to follow protocols outlined in the student handbook for rotations. Students will receive the Handbook at orientation.

Students are provided with short-term, SCHS identification badges, which need to be turned in following the completion of the program.

Students are encouraged to get flu shots prior to participation. Students who do not get a flu shot will be required to wear a mask while job shadowing during flu season.

Many schools offer college credit for participating in formal health occupations classes or count the observation rotations toward graduation requirements. Other community medical providers may be willing to take students who complete our training and orientation for health occupations.


Students enrolled in approved high school programs may complete most of the registration paperwork through the process described here.



STEP ONE: Complete the student registration form on-line and submit it. Be sure to indicate the correct Event/Activity at the bottom of the form

Health Occupations Student Application

STEP TWO: Students need to print out, complete (including a signature from a parent or guardian if student is under 18) and bring these forms to orientation:

Combined permission-confidentiality forms (PDF)

All students who are currently 18 years of age, or who turn 18 during the program are required to have a criminal background check.  If you are 18 years old or will be before the end of the program, complete the following background check form and turn it in at orientation:

Authorization to Perform Background Screenings (PDF)

Additional form for students rotating on the Bend campus only:

ONCC Confidentiality (PDF)

STEP THREE: Review the following learning modules. This may be done in class or individually. Links to 3 training modules:

Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)

Hand Hygiene (PDF)

Privacy Compliance (PDF)

STEP FOUR: Bring all the COMPLETED, SIGNED forms to your orientation meeting.

There is a cost per student to participate in this program. For some students, the cost is paid by the school; for others, the student is responsible. Discuss with your teacher.

If applicable, the fee for students requiring a background check is $50; for students not requiring a background check, the fee is $30.

Black polo shirts (with a Health Occupations logo) are available at no cost to students.

Students, teachers, counselors and administrators- for more information or with questions, please click here.